New Bikini Gallery

The first in-studio bikini photo shoot Sky has done in many years, this exclusive gallery features Reby in a tiny bikini against a vibrant, yellow background; the perfect dose of hot color for the summer heat !

(Photo Credit: Reby Sky)

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New Photo Gallery

Reby Sky is red-hot in this “selfie” photo gallery for, featuring Sky’s brand new 8×10 promotional photo.
(Photo Credit: Reby Sky)

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Reby Sky vs Candy Cartwright

This hard hitting match pits Reby Sky against Candy Cartwright for Big Time Wrestling in Levittown, New York. See all the action in this exclusive photo gallery from one of Reby’s favorite action photographers !

Photo Credit: Brian Krieger

Reby Sky vs Velvet Sky

Touted as a “dream match”, Reby Sky vs Velvet Sky for Northeast Wrestling, certainly delivered ! Check out all the action that went down in Waterbury, Connecticut in this exclusive photo gallery !
Photo Credit: Brian Krieger


Reby Sky vs Sojo Bolt

2014 is shaping up to be Reby’s hottest year ever & this exclusive photo gallery of Sky’s recent battle vs Sojo Bolt for Big Time Wrestling is here to prove it !
Photo Credit:  David Layne

Reby Sky in PLAYBOY

Reby Sky dares to bare in this celebrity pictorial for Playboy. Check out this sexy preview gallery, then head over to for Reby’s interview, behind the scenes videos & the full pictorial.

From the Piece:
“Hot brunette Reby Sky makes a stunning return to Playboy in this set from photographer Jose Luis. From Cybergirl of the Month to Playboy TV, Reby sure has come a long way – and if she’s got anything to say about it, that’s only the beginning. All spread out on the bed, she takes off her red sweater, and then her leopard-print panties, too – before you know it, she’s wearing nothing but an alluring smile and a pair of stiletto heels. Sit back, relax and let this sexy New Yorker knock you right out, only on Playboy.” 

Click HERE for the full pictorial !

SkyHard 8x10 Now Available

SkyHard 8×10 Now Available

A brand new 8×10 photo EXCLUSIVE – 2 autographs in 1 – is now available on ! Signed by both Reby Sky & Wrestling Superstar, Matt Hardy, this rare 8×10 is only being offered in limited quantities & is available for personalization. Get Yours TODAY at !


Vendetta Pro Wrestling pitted Reby Sky against Hudson Envy in Santa Maria, California for an intense, hard-hitting matchup.
Check out our gallery, then click below to see exclusive video of the entire match !
Photo Credit: We Flash Photography / Little Bread Photography 

Click HERE to watch Reby Sky vs Hudson Envy

Reby Sky vs Shelly Martinez

Reby Sky recently took on Shelly Martinez in a submission-heavy match for Future Stars of Wrestling in Mesquite, Nevada. If you’re wondering who won…it was the fans !

Photo Credit: Heather Collins


This throwback gallery from 2011 features Reby Sky managing Austin Aries against Akira Tozawa for Dragon Gate USA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the ECW Arena. Enjoy !

National Wrestling League

Check out our newest photo gallery featuring Reby Sky’s match for the National Wrestling League in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Photo Credit: Christopher Eichelberger


Reby Sky recently took on TNA Knockout & former WWE Diva, Mickie James for Big Time Wrestling in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Watch the televised match here !



Daring, seductive & captivating, Boarding Pass (Playboy TV) is a new travel show, hosted by Reby Sky. Spotlighting sexy destinations on the West Coast of the USA, Boarding Pass combines different cultures, professions, & sexy fantasies in a bilingual (English & Spanish) format. Watch Boarding Pass every Wednesday at 11PM EST on Playboy TV Latin [...]



Matt Hardy & Reby Sky Wedding: Attendees, Photos, Details for Former WWE Star [Credit: Bleacher Report] October 6, 2013   From the Piece: “On Saturday, Matt Hardy married model and long-time girlfriend Reby Sky at an undisclosed location in North Carolina. People will say that being in a long-term relationship can change a person, and in Hardy’s case it [...]

Reby Sky vs Tab Jackson

Fiery & skilled, Tab Jackson proved to be a tough opponent for Reby Sky, though their match for Vendetta Pro Wrestling in Chowchilla, California ended with Sky picking up the victory.

(Photos courtesy of Emily Snall & Kristy Flash Photography)

Big News !

Reby Sky & Matt Hardy have officially announced their engagement ! Check out this exclusive gallery of the engagement portraits, as well as a video with ALL the details…

 Engagement VIDEO:

Reby Sky vs Ivelisse

It was Boricua vs Boricua in the battle of Reby Sky & Ivelisse at FWE in Brooklyn, New York.
Check out this exclusive gallery of the match, featuring a glimpse of
Reby Sky with Tommy Dreamer during the main event !
(Photos courtesy of Bob Mulrenin)

To order this event on iPPV

[FLASHBACK] Lingerie Football League

Once upon a time, before wrestling or radio, Reby Sky was Quarterback & Team Captain of the Lingerie Football League’s Tampa Breeze. Check out this “flashback” gallery, complete with roster photos, press, television screenshots & behind the scenes training pics !





50 shades of… Reby ? Reby Sky has been published on the cover of another romance novel. Look out for “The Challenge – Rystani Warrior” , by USA Today Best Selling Author, Susan Kearney, in a bookstore near you very soon !


Her first interview of 2013, Reby opens up about the questions everyone has been wanting the answers to in the latest issue of Honour Magazine.
From her start in wrestling to Matt Hardy, WWE to Sunny,
Reby gives her most honest interview yet.

From the Piece:
Tell us how you first became involved with the wrestling business. Were you a fan of it growing up? If so, who were your favourites?
I started watching wrestling in about 1999, when it was the cool thing to do. I went to a very strict Catholic school & I remember bringing a wrestling magazine to school with me one day & getting in BIG trouble with the nuns because one of them saw a photo of Chyna in her gear & decided it was “porn”. Regardless, she was my favorite & a huge inspiration to me. I also loved Edge & Christian. I began my career in wrestling on the “other end” of the spectrum – in broadcasting – as a host for SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s “Busted Open”, a twice weekly, 2 hour talk show program about pro-wrestling. It was through that show that I met the people who gave me the extra push I needed to decide to begin my in-ring training.

Models and wrestling has long been a contentious topic amongst women’s wrestling fans. Have you found it difficult to be taken as a wrestler with your modeling background?
There is nothing that infuriates me more. The fact that this is even a commonly asked question makes my skin crawl. What about the girls who were store clerks ? Does that past profession make them any less capable in the ring ? How about my prior career in broadcasting. Does that have no bearing on my capabilities or are we singling out the fact that I made my living as a model at one point ? It’s ridiculous. Pro wrestling is entertainment. I believe the fact that I have experience in the entertainment field leaves me & other models better equipped to perform in this business and deal with everything that comes with it.

It’s typically a criticism being a model and turning to professional wrestling. Share with us the qualities of being a model that gives you the edge when it comes to getting into the ring.
The crazy hours, the constant travelling, the critics, knowing & accepting that I have to look a certain way to be successful… all of that is already ingrained in my mind. I might not get booked because I’m the most amazing technical wrestler, but really, is that what people are looking for on the indies ? Is that what promotors are interested in selling a show based on ? Many may answer “yes”, but if that were the case for the majority, that would be what is getting booked on every show. I take my training very seriously & will never stop trying to be a “total package”, but the reality of womens wrestling is that – UNFORTUNATELY – its more of a commodity than anything and having that model look is beneficial, even integral for me getting booked. The most vocal fans, the typical “IWC” may find a lot wrong with that, but many forget that wrestling is a business, and business revolves around making money. Think about how womens wrestling is portrayed on WWE television. Like it or not, they are the standard for womens pro wrestling. That is what the majority wants to see … if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be getting booked. It is what it is.

You’ve not really fulfilled the role of a manager to become part of Matt Hardy’s act. Is this a conscious decision on your part, or is it just something that has never presented itself? (Note: I know you’ve had the odd tag match here and there, but I’m talking about a full-time deal as such)
I prefer to work my own matches. That being said, I love Matt. If he wants me to manage him because he feels it adds to the story, benefits his match or allows a certain outcome to make sense & still protect his character then I will do it, without question. I enjoy working with him because we have a really great professional chemistry, a lot of which is due to the fact that he has mentored me so much in regards to match psychology. Could I be more involved with everything he does ? Sure, but I get enough of the “Reby only gets booked because of Matt” nonsense as it is, so really, it’s only ever his call. Matt has the luxury of being able to pick & choose his bookings and we would both much rather prefer travelling and working together as opposed to being on separate schedules. The wrestling lifestyle is trying enough on a relationship & we do what we can to put ours first while still keeping our own identities; Mainly mine.

Sunny made reference to your relationship with Matt Hardy, insinuating he was the only reason you have a place in wrestling. Is this something that often gets thrown at you? How do you counteract such abuse, if at all?
Let’s all take a moment to recall exactly how & why Sunny is in wrestling. I’ll help you out…Starts with “Chris” & ends in “andido”. There is a whole lot more to say about the issue, but I will refrain from elaborating for now. I will say this: The most notable things I’ve done in my career happened LONG before I could relate in any way to the name Hardy; EVOLVE & Dragon Gate USA & Lucha Libre USA. The fact that many wrestling fans didn’t realize I was alive & hustling before I ever met Matt Hardy does NOT discredit the fact that I was. I’ve been busting my ass training, working, traveling hours & hours for scraps since 2009. I met Matt in 2011. I know it’s hard for some to wrap their heads around it, but I did, in fact, exist before that. There are HUNDREDS of female independent wrestlers doing the exact same thing I was doing, with just the same, nearly non-existant level of recognition… I just happened to meet & fall in love with someone who made me stand out just a bit more than the masses & it’s unfair to hold that against me. To ignore my past achievements is plain ignorant.

 To read the interview in its entirety – 14 questions ! – CLICK HERE
(Interview begins on page 10)

Chinlock for Chuck

Reby Sky, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shane Helms & a plethora of wrestling’s finest participated in the ultra-successful Chinlock for Chuck, with all proceeds going to fallen brother, Chuck Coates. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer), Chuck underwent both chemotherapy &  a bone marrow transplant. Chinlock for Chuck raised $15,000 to help cover Chuck’s medical bills, aiding his family in rebuilding their lives & assisting a fellow OMEGA wrestler in his recovery. From ring set-up to security, the use of the gym to food & beverage, the overwhelming show of support has been tremendous.
To learn more, please visit

(Photo Credit: Dave Layne)


Touted by many as the “MOTN”, Sky vs Havok was one of SHINE 6′s most anticipated rematches.
Check out these photos from the show in an exclusive gallery & watch the video package chronicling the feud between Reby Sky & Jessicka Havok at Shine Wrestling below.

To order this iPPV On Demand CLICK HERE
(Photos courtesy of Doug Swinskey)


The Rookie Turning Heads

The Rookie Turning Heads

Honour Magazine has featured Reby Sky in an article entitled “The Rookie Turning Heads”. For a digital copy of the magazine, CLICK HERE From the Piece: “The arrival of a brand new women’s wrestling promotion has awarded numerous upstarts in the Florida area the opportunity to rebrand & launch their careers. One woman seems to [...]

Reby Named in

Reby Named in “The 5 to Watch”

This annual list compiles five rising talents in the world of female wrestling that we think have what it takes to be the next big thing. From their in-ring abilities to their unique personalities, we aim to spotlight some of the upcoming female talent that you may not yet know about. Reby Sky is honored [...]

WrestleCade 2012

WrestleCade 2012 was a huge success, with a sold-out crowd witnessing Reby Sky defeat Jayme Jameson.
Check out these exclusive photos, courtesy of Mark Stephens of Viewfinders Media. Also included are a few photos by Betty Burks.

PCW Tag Team Match

Reby Sky & Matt Hardy – “Skyhard” – teamed up against Joe Heisman & December for Pro Championship Wrestling’s Grave Matters in Chicago, Illinois.
Enjoy these exclusive photos, then check out video of the match HERE !
Photography Credit: Steve Powell 


SHINE 4 brought another victory for Reby Sky at Shine Wrestling, with Reby defeating Kellie Skater… and we have photos of all the hard-hitting action !
To watch a replay of the event, check out the iPPV HERE ! Launch Launch

Reby’s online store, ShopRebySky has officially launched ! Check out our merchandise, including autographed 8x10s, t-shirts, wristbands, worn memorabilia & much more !

Interview with Playboy

Interview with Playboy

Reby holds nothing back in this recent interview for Playboy’s “The Smoking Jacket”. From wrestling to modeling, Matt Hardy to Howard Stern, this rare, no-holds-barred interview is definitely worth a peek. From the Piece: “You also shoot pictures yourself. In fact, you do amazing self portraits! How did you get into photography? Thank goodness you [...]

Cover of Sports Illustrated

Cover of Sports Illustrated

Reby Sky is on the cover of the September 3, 2012 Special Edition of Sports Illustrated Magazine as the NY Giants Girl ! Signed copies of the issue can be bought in Reby’s official store, ShopRebySky. To purchase an autographed copy of this issue, visit Shop Reby Sky !

Fitness Catalog Shoot

Fitness Catalog Shoot

Reby’s was recently photographed for fitnesswear company, Body By Brazil. Check out additional images from this catalog shoot in the GALLERY !

Reby Sky Injured

Reby Sky Injured

Reby Sky’s left arm was injured by Jessicka Havok during a post match attack at SHINE 2. Unfortunately, because of this Reby will miss SHINE 3. For more information, please visit

New Interview

Reby Sky recently did an exclusive interview with Diva Dirt – Listen to it in its entirety above !

From Diva Dirt:

“She’s the former NY Giants Girl, a Playboy model and not a WWE Diva–bombshell Reby Sky is instead learning her craft on the independent scene. And tonight, for the first time, Reby makes her first foray into all-female wrestling when she appears at the first SHINE Wrestling show.
With her model good looks, fans may wonder why Reby isn’t in WWE, but the former Lucha Libre USA star is content in working the independent scene and training several times a week with her former WWE star boyfriend, Matt Hardy.
In this exclusive interview, Reby talks about her journey in wrestling — from being the interviewer on Sirius XM’s Busted Open wrestling radio show, to being the interviewed, now a talent in her own right. Reby talks to us about her big breaks in Lucha Libre USA, EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky championing her, and the support of her iconic boyfriend.

Reby also discusses the stigma surrounding former models in wrestling and why it drives her crazy, as well as revealing why she once turned down an opportunity with WWE.
Sky also talks about the recent controversy surrounding her being dubbed ‘Queen of Extreme’ in Shane Douglas’ new promotion, Extreme Rising, and her recent Twitter altercation with WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny.”

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SHINE Wrestling

SHINE Wrestling

Reby Sky has signed with Shine Wrestling ! Following a successful debut last month, SHINE returns to Tampa, FL. with more of the best women’s wrestling in the world. See Reby at the next event HERE: SHINE 2 August 17, 2012 8 PM Bell Time The Orpheum 1915 E. 7th Avenue Ybor City, FL Watch [...]

Univision Wrestling Profile

Check out this television profile by Univision on Reby Sky, complete with English subtitles !

Lowrider Magazine

Lowrider Magazine

Pick up the April-May issue of Lowrider Girls to see Reby Sky’s sexy new photo spread. On newsstands nationwide NOW ! To watch the behind the scenes video of this shoot CLICK HERE To purchase an autographed copy of this issue, visit Shop Reby Sky !



The NY Giants are going to Super Bowl XLVI & Heyman Hustle has an exclusive on the newest with NY Giants Girl, Reby Sky. From the Piece: “Forget Jenny From The Block! This Hard Hitting Queens Sensation is Bodyslamming The Competition in More Ways Than One! OK … OK … we admit it. The overtime [...]

Hoy Magazine

Hoy Magazine

Check out this new interview with Hoy Magazine ! For the entire article, click HERE From the Piece: Para Rebecca Reyes, el estar adentró del ring no le es extraño. Acostumbrada a la luces y al clamor de miles de aficionados, la joven de padres puertorriqueños y ex bailarina dice gozar de la atención de [...]

Wrestling Contract Signing (Video)

See who Reby Sky signed a wrestling contract with in this newest video !

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday !

Reby celebrated her 25th birthday in Zumpango, Mexico with a victory over Kristin Astara for EAW International. CLICK HERE for video of the match & MORE ! From Yahoo! News (Mexico) “La ex conejita de Playboy estuvo con la empresa EAW International en Zumpango donde presentaron una espectáculo de lucha libre y uno donde los [...]

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FHM Magazine

FHM Magazine

Check out this write-up on Reby Sky from FHM Magazine, complete with photos & video HERE ! From the piece: “Reby Sky is a 24-year-old American glamour model, radio and television personality, dancer and professional wrestler. Wait… what? Professional wrestler? Yep, when she’s not flouncing around poolside looking glorious in bikinis, Reby Sky is a sports-mad [...]

American Curves Magazine

American Curves Magazine

Reby Sky is featured in the April issue of American Curves Magazine with sexy 10-page editorial photo spread. Be sure to pick up your copy – On newsstands NOW ! Watch the even sexier behind the scenes video of Reby’s magazine photo shoot HERE. From the piece: “After a first date, if a man doesn’t make [...]



EVOLVE will return to action with a special Tuesday night event card featuring Reby Sky, Jon Moxley, Chuck Taylor & MORE on April 19th in Manhattan, New York at BB King Blues Club & Grill in Times Square. Premium tickets for “EVOLVE 7: TBA vs. TBA” are now on sale in the Shop or [...]

Dragon Gate USA

Dragon Gate USA

Reby Sky appeared at the Dragon Gate USA iPPV events in NY/NJ/PA ! Check out this write-up from Paul Heyman’s HEYMAN HUSTLE ! From the piece: “Reby added a whole new dimension to the weekend, and gave the cards a completely fresh feel. She grabbed attention and not just by her smokin’ hot looks, but [...]

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

The LA Times has a story profiling Reby Sky & her involvement in the wrestling industry. You can read the article by clicking HERE. From the piece: “The move to the WWE would have gotten the former Playboy model more exposure than she had on satellite radio and MTV2, but the fact that she couldn’t [...]

“She Can Talk”

Reby’s appearance at EVOLVE 6 was much buzzed about, with coverage in USA Today & on Paul Heyman’s “Heyman Hustle”. Stay tuned to for exclusive video coverage ! You can read the full article at HERE

Kid Cudi & Reby Sky

Kid Cudi & Reby Sky

Reby Sky appears in an exclusive photo shoot with Grammy Award winning music artist Kid Cudi in the artwork for his latest album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”. To hear sample tracks & purchase the album click HERE

PLAYBOY Cyber Girl of the Month

PLAYBOY Cyber Girl of the Month

Congratulations to Reby Sky on being named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month ! Click HERE to see the pictorial on From the piece: You’re probably quite content with Reby already, seeing as how she’s graced Playboy’s “Montauk Summer” pictorial, was crowned Miss Howard Stern of the Year 2009, was catapulted to fame as [...]

“Reby’s Return”

The Queens Tribune recently published an article on what Reby has been up to lately. You can read the full article HERE. From the piece : “Let’s face it, we love Reby Sky. She’s a gal from Queens who has made a name for herself in the pages of this paper, national magazines, on TV, [...]

Reby Sky 3D Digital Clone

Reby Sky 3D Digital Clone

From the press release: “International superstar and national sensation, Reby Sky, has partnered with DAZ to create an unprecedented offering. After exhaustive scanning, multiple photo-shoots, and motions capture sessions, DAZ 3D and Reby Sky are thrilled to announce our partnership and offering. Late this year DAZ 3D will release V4 Elite: Reby Sky to the [...]